Thank You Vancouver Pride Society

Surrey Youth Alliance is big on education – whether it’s safe sex or the basic history of Human Rights in Canada, we want to instill an understanding and a respect in our youth for all those amazing activists that came before. The 1970’s were not kind to the LGBTQ community. People were beaten, raped, abused, ┬ámurdered. All over the world… Read more →


Surrey Gay Pride, 2015

What a wonderful day. So many beautiful people out and about celebrating freedom, celebrating love. That is what pride is all about. We’ve all heard the “Straight Pride” argument, but when we looked around yesterday we realized that Pride isn’t about Gay, Straight, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender. It’s about love. It is about celebrating love in all of the beautiful… Read more →


Something Big

┬áToday was a huge day. If you haven’t heard the world is celebrating, and I do mean the world. It is now legal to marry every single state in the United States of America. This is huge. Yes people are angry. Really who cares though? Thousands of couples around the United States of America have been granted the gift of… Read more →


The Big Three

The Summer is upon us and thus the beginning of British Columbia’s Pride Celebrations. We are gearing up for Surrey Pride on June 28th in which we will unveil our huge community art project. The hope is that people will join us at our booths and help create a massive piece of art that will travel from Pride event to… Read more →


Times, They Are A Changing

I want to introduce myself. My name is Devon Hallgate. I am (For lack of a better term) the head of the SYA drop in. We call ourselves Facilitators but really we are a team. Michael, Anna, Anchile and myself have been gathering every week for the last several months to run SYA. I personally am not gay. I have… Read more →


Halloween Dance

SYA will be holding our usual Halloween Dance on Sat Oct 25th starting at 8pm, at the same location as our drop-in. (Make sure you’ve got the newest address!) All youth are welcome to come out for the night! Same age as our drop in, 14-21. Suggested donation is $2 to attend but if you don’t have the money we… Read more →



We’ve begun to get ready for Pride Season again at SYA. First up is Surrey Pride on Sunday at Holland Park. Come check out our booth and buy some of our crafts from the kids. Next will be the Vancouver Pride Parade. You may be surprised to see something new from Surrey Youth Alliance! Read more →